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Company Data

Nisco Engineering was found in 1996 on the initiative of Mr. Nicolai Suter, who has been remained the main shareholder and general manager since then.
The company’s know-how is based on the founder’s extensive experience and fundamental knowledge of the manufacturing-process equipment and -plants industry, his current and continuing education as well as Nisco’s partnerships with leading Swiss suppliers and close proximity to research.

point of interest Board of directors: Mr. Dr. Lukas Rohner, dipl. mech. engineer ETH
Mr. Nicolai Suter, dipl. process engineer ETH
point of interest General Manager: Mr. Nicolai Suter
point of interest Chief Scientific Officer: Prof. Suwan N. Jayasinghe
point of interest Auditor: Kronenberger Treuhand AG
Pilatusstrasse 60
CH-6006 Luzern
point of interest Certificate: Certified according EN ISO 9001:2015
Swiss Safety Center Reg. N° 03-357-080
point of interest Partners: University College London, UK,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Dr. S.N. Jayasinghe
point of interest Local Contacts: click here  

Nisco Engineering AG combines know-how in sterile design and process engineering to fulfil the increasing requirements of the customers. The company offers and delivers engineering , development and services for pharma- and biotechnological equipment and plants. Nisco Engineering develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide encapsulation equipment to generate monodisperse beads under cGMP conform conditions.

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