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Flow control unit with Thermal Mass Flow Meter with LCD display (for the VAR J1) Nisco article No. A 01061

Complete flow unit mounted on a holder with 12mm bar and double socket to fix it on a lab
support with 12mm bar. The flow control unit consists of:

Pressure limiter

Inlet pressurized oil free air 5-18barg Outlet 1.5barg

Pressure limiter

Needle Valve range 0..10L/min with potentiometer type manual drive.

Thermal mass flow meter:

Measuring range: 1-5 Nl/min
Repeatability: +-1% of FS or less
Display resolution: 0.01 l/min
Medium: Air
Temperature: 0..50°C
Primary pressure: 3.0 bar a
Post pressure: 1.5 bar a
Connection: G1/4“ female thread
Power supply: 24VDC

Power Supply unit:

Type: FPPS
5-7.5WP//FPPS 24-12WP
Input: 110-240V/AC. 50/60Hz
Output 24VDC, max. 500mA, max. 12W
Cable length: 1.8 meter
4 Plugs UK, EU, US, AU


Inlet Air hose

inner diameter 4mm outer diameter 6mm
(outside calibrated)
On the picture a black PE hose has been

Outgoing hose

inner diameter 2mm.
On the picture a silicone hose has been

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Download Flow control unit with Thermal Mass Flow Meter with LCD display as PDF file
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