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Pressure-reducing station with manometer:

In most laboratories, the gas supply is conducted through a central distribution system (line, taps) or through gas steel cylinders on a pressure level of 10 barg or higher. We recommend using one of the following pressure reducing stations for Nisco’s units depending on the application or an equivalent device.

Output press range
Art. number Used
0.1-10 barg A-00757 Pressure reduction
0.05-4 barg A-00758 J1/Air jet accelerator,
Stainless steel addition tanks ( *)
0.05-2.5 barg A-00759 Stainless steel addition tanks ( *)
0.05-0.7 A-00760 Stainless steel addition tanks /
glass flask addition systems ( *)

* for pressurised feeding systems

The device consists of:

• Precision low pressure regulator
• Precision pressure gauge ¨
• 12 mm bar for fixation

Precision Low Pressure Regulator

Design regulating valve: precision diaphragm
Type of regulation: indirect
Regular function output: pressure constant
Behaviour during flow reversal: secondary exhaust
Modular design yes
Input pressure 1 min. : 1 bar
Input pressure 1 max. : 12 bar
Air connection type 1: female thread
Thread for port 1: G 1/4
Air connection type 2 female thread
Thread for port 2: G 1/4
Installation position: any
Type of mounting: front/line/bracket
Min. ambient temperature: -10 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 60 °C
Min. medium temperature: -10 °C
Max. medium temperature: 60 °C
Pressure hysteresis: 0.02 bar
Actuator locking: pull-up-&-turn adjustment
Pressure gauge yes/no: no
No. of pressure gauge Connections: 1
Connector thread for pressure gauges: G 1/8
Material of housing: aluminium
Material of seals: NBR
Product weight: 0.38 kg
Standard nominal flow rate: 2000 l/min
Medium: compressed air, filtered
40 µm, unlubricated

Precision Pressure Gauge

Cyclic load factor:
Continuous load factor: 0.75
Indicating range up to: 6 bar
Measurement precision Class: 1.6 ---
Type of mounting: directly to port
Min. ambient temperature: -20 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 60 °C
Min. medium temperature: -20 °C
Max. medium temperature: 60 °C
Air connection type: male thread
Connector thread: R 1/8
Nominal size, pressure gauge: 40
Width across flats: 14 mm
Material of housing: ABS
Inspection window material: PS
Connector pin material: brass
Product weight: 0.06 kg
Standard/technical rule: EN 837-1

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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