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Coaxial Nozzles for Electromagnetic Single Nozzle Encapsulation Units

The nozzles can be used for following Nisco encapsulation units:

- VAR D Professional line, VAR D classic and VAR D Generation II
- VAR B (specially adaptation piece is required)
Special equipment is available, for example a heated head to encapsulate water in wax or fat. The coaxial nozzles consist of two nozzles allocated in a coaxial way. Both nozzles are made of stainless steel 1.4435(AINSI316L).

Ruby nozzles can be used for beads down to 100 µm

The nozzles are available with material certificates for qualification purpose.

Ruby nozzles can be used for beads down to 100 µm

On the following pictures you see drops of sunflower oil encapsulated in 2% alginate (sigma, low viscosity) sterile filtered.

Drops of sunflower oil encapsulated in 2% Alginate

Special head for Nisco Air Jet accelerator:

Special head1 external nozzle, 2 internal nozzle, 3 O-Ring

internal nozzle
1 id mm
external nozzle
1 ID mm
1 0.150 0.300 1
2 0.200 0.400 2
3 0.300 0.500 3
4 0.400 0.600 4

Possible combinations:

id 0.150 with ID 0.300   id 0.200 with ID 0.600
id 0.150 with ID 0.400   id 0.300 with ID 0.400
id 0.150 with ID 0.500   id 0.300 with ID 0.500
id 0.150 with ID 0.600   id 0.300 with ID 0.600
id 0.200 with ID 0.300   id 0.400 with ID 0.500
id 0.200 with ID 0.400   id 0.400 with ID 0.600
id 0.200 with ID 0.500

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

Please note: You need Acrobat reader to display the following PDF - Files.

pdf Download PDF-File Nozzles (Coaxial) (145KB)
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