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Sterilisable Pressure Sensor for Encapsulation Unit J30

The option “sterilisable pressure sensor” is used in combination with the aerodynamic encapsulation unit VAR J30 in order to avoid biological contamination with the air supply system. In the picture below you can see that the sterilisable pressure sensor contains three main parts (circled), which are naturally integrated into the encapsulation unit J30. The temperature for sterilisation is displayed on the temperature indication unit (as an option available). The rigid platform at the bottom secures stability of the whole system.

Schematic Draw

The clean steam comes through the hose A (steam inlet) into the system, sterilise its each part and the condensate is released through the hose B (condensate outlet).

Steam flow (sterilisation)

Clean steam red; condensate blue

Please make sure that the steam temperature never exceeds 135°C. The EPDM gaskets and the membranes on your membrane valves melt at this temperature level. To operate the system you need the clean steam between 2.1barg to 3.1barg. Air from J30 control cabinet enters the system though the hose C and the sterile filter and flows to the J30 head (D).

Air flow (normal operation)

The pressure drop through the sterile filter is compensated with the pressure measurement upstream the filter.


Stainless steel AINSI 316L or equivalent for the parts in the contact with the product.
AISI 304 or equivalent for the parts which are not in the contact with the product.
Gaskets EPDM

Material certificates for all parts in contact with the product can be supplied on request, this will allow you to operate the unit under cGMP conditions.

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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