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Gear Pump for Encapsulation Units VARD2Go

REGLO-Z Digital
Drive Article N° PE – 01067

It is compact, pulse free dispensing pump with excellent repeatability. Flow rate and dispensing volume can be calibrated.

Pump specifications

Flow rate range Pump head Z-186 P for VAR D2Go single nozzle min. 0.85ml/min (at 50 rpm) to max.
85 ml/min (at 5'000 rpm)
Pump head Z-140 P for VARD2Go multinozzle min. 32 ml/min (at 60 rpm) to max.
3'200 ml/min (at 5'000 rpm)
Accuracy - Repetitive Error 0.1% at 100ml
Weight 1.7 kg (3.7 lb) (without pump-head)
Dimensions 178 x 100 x 135 mm (7" x 3.9" x 5.3 ") (without
Operating panel - 6-button membrane key-pad
- LED display
Operating modes - pumping by drive speed (rpm)
- pumping by flow rate (ml/min)
- dispensing by volume (ml)
- dispensing by time (0.1s up to 999hrs)
- dispensing by volume within a pre-set time
- interval dispensing by volume with a pause
- interval dispensing by time with a pause
- setting the number of dispensing cycles
- pause time setting (from 0.1s up to 999hrs)
- back-steps for drip-free dispensing
- reversible rotation direction (only for Cavity
Style pump heads)
Motor speed 50-5000rpm
Motor type DC Motor
Power consumption 60W
Power Supply 100 – 230VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Speed setting Digital speed setting (resolution 1 rpm)
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range for head Z : 186P - 46…+177C° VARD2Go
for head Z : 140P- 46…+54C°
VARD2Go multinozzle (PE-01140)
Humidity Protection Rating IP30


Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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