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Encapsulation Unit VAR W10, with 24 or 30 nozzles

The unit consists of a head fixed on a bar (diameter 12mm) of a laboratory support.

  1. Head with 24 or 30 nozzle unit with stainless steel Luer lock adapters
  2. Beaker with laboratory agitator
  3. Pump
  4. Laboratory support
Laboratory support consists of:
  1. Stainless steel base frame
  2. Stainless steel bar diameter 12mm to adjust the head’s height.

Advantages of unit:

  • The head can easily be opened for cleaning and inspection without a tool by means of a
    clamp connection.
  • The nozzles are directly screwed on the head. Luer lock connectors are not needed
  • There is an upper clamp flange with a tri-clamp connection for feeding your matrix.
  • Lower flange can be integrated on a sterile closed system in future.
  • You can directly fix the nozzle on the plate between the two flanges.


  • Stainless steel 1.4435 (in contact with product) with ferrite content <1%
  • Gaskets for the nozzles PTFE
  • O-Rings EPDM

For all materials which are in direct contact with product the material certificates are available
(pharmaceutical production).

Nozzle available:
The following nozzle sizes are available:
A vide range of Luer lock nozzles are available from OD 0.2 up to OD 1.5mm
There are also blind caps available, which can be mounted instead of a nozzle.
Customised nozzles are available to be mounted directly on the nozzle plate without the Luer lock adapters.

Design of the Unit:
The unit is available in three versions: 24 and 30 nozzles.

Head for 30 nozzles and customised nozzles

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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pdf Download W 10 as PDF file (65KB)
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