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Aerodynamic Nozzles for VARD2Go

The aerodynamic nozzles for the laminar jet break units consist of a light vibrating titanium nozzle and an additional pressure chamber.
The nozzles up to 100μm to 350μm are available in our scope of supply. The aerodynamic nozzle is shown at the following picture:

The product flows through the product nozzle (1) which is placed in the specially constructed pressure chamber (2).
The production of beads in the size of the nozzle or half the size of the nozzle microcapsules is possible with use of the aerodynamic nozzles in the laminar jet break up technology (instead of double the size or even larger with the standard laminar jet-break-up).
The typical flow rate corresponds with the diameter of the nozzle. Thus you can produce 100micrometer beads with a 200micrometer nozzle with a typical flow rate for 2% alginate of 3.7ml/min instead of 1.1ml/min with the standard laminar jet-break-up. Scope of supply of the aerodynamic nozzles for laminar jet break-up is shown in the following table:

Size Air Nozzle Nozzle Type Nozzle complete
100μm A-01286 D-01460 R A 01279
150μm A-00933 D-01217 R A 00936
200μm A-00934 D-01218 R A 00937
300μm A-00935 D-01219 R A 00938
350μm A-01151 D-01352 R A 01152

Coaxial vibrating aerodynamic nozzles are available on request, as well.

Please use the Info-Form to ask for the adequate encapsulation system for your specific applications.

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